STÜTZ, Roger

Portrait de Roger Stütz
Registration Nr.:    07816
Birthday:    09.03.1930, Luxembourg City
Father:    Jean STÜTZ
Mother:    Catherine FRIEDHOF
Service entry:    08.03.1949
Contingent:    1st & 2nd
Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
                  Soldat de 1re Classe (1952)
                  Caporal (1952)
Death:    22.08.1952, in Chokko-Ri (Korea)


Roger began his compulsory military service on 8 March 1949. He was officially discharged from the Army on 26 September 1949, when he decided to join as a volunteer the First Luxembourgish contingent on 30 September 1950. His first term coming gradually to an end, Roger decided to stay for another year in Korea. During his second term, he was promoted twice: to Soldat de 1re Classe in May 1952 and to Caporal in June 1952. Henceforth he served as a driver for the commander of the BUNC (Belgian United Nations Command) Lieutenant-Colonel Georges Vivario.

Roger was fatally wounded by a detonating grenade at Chokko-Ri on 22 August 1952. An official military funeral was held on 17 March 1953 in Luxembourg City to honor the fallen Luxembourgish veterans Roger Stütz and Robert Mores. Both were subsequentely buried in their hometown cemeteries.

"Tué au combat, a donné sa vie pour la Patrie et les Nations-Unies.”

Lieutenant-Colonel B.E.M. Vivario, commanding officer of the second Belgo-Luxembourgish batallion, about Roger Stütz, 8.10.1952. © OJ Bn No 447