SCHOCK, Aloyse

Portrail of Aloyse Schock, taken from his personal military file. © Armée luxembourgeoise
Registration Nr.:    V 00922 / 320714
Birthday:    21.06.1932
Father:    Paul SCHOCK
Mother:    Anne LUTGEN
Service entry:    29.05.1951
Contingent:    2nd
Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
                  Soldat de 1re Classe (1952)
Death:    June 2000


Aloyse was drafted on May 29, 1951. He spent a month at the C.I.C. being trained as a military vehicle driver, then answered the call for volunteers for a second contingent. Only days after the Luxembourgish detachment set foot on Korean soil, an unfortunate accident occurred to Aloyse while he wanted to tie his shoes. While he bent over, he stabbed himself in the face with his bayonet. Luckily, he was immediately transferred to the military medical facility in Yokohama, Japan, where the medical staff was able to save his badly injured eye. He remained in treatment until 21 September 1952, the day he was sent back home without  having seen combat in Korea. 

In Luxembourg, he applied for a job at the postal office, while he stayed in the Army to benefit at least from transitional employment. Later, on 24 December 1952, he enlisted to serve for three more years in the Army. In early June, he was transferred to the Administration des Postes et Télécommunications. Soon after, he was released from the Army, until he was recalled for 19 days to serve in a field manoeuvre in September 1958. 

Living in the central station’s district in Luxembourg City,  Aloyse once granted shelter to a foreigner, who became his flatmate. As a token of his gratitude, he administered his financial situation. After Aloyse had passed, the unknown foreigner did not declare him dead to keep collecting his pension payments. Therefore, the exact date of his death can not be stated.