Portrait de Paul Miller
Registration Nr.:    10392
Birthday:    16.02.1923, Vianden
Father:    Charles MILLER
Mother:     Wilhelmine KING
Service entry:    30.09.1950
Contingent:    1st
Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
Death:    06.11.1972


Paul was forcibly conscripted into the German Wehrmacht in 1942. He was taken prisoner by Soviet troops and incarcerated in the Tambov POW camp.

Paul volunteered for the first contingent in 1950, leaving Europe in December 1950 to head out towards Pusan, Korea. 

Overseas, Paul suffered a triple fracture of his right wrist, which made it impossible for him to hold a rifle. He therefore was medically discharged and returned back to Europe in late spring/early summer 1951.

Leaving the Army shortly after his return, Paul was transferred to the CFL.  He is buried in Strassen.

"Soldat de bonne volonté qui a donné entière satisfaction à l'instruction."

Lieutenant Tun Wagener in his personal diary about Paul Miller. © Wagener/MNHM