KREMER, Armand

Portrail of Armand Kremer, taken from his personal military file. © Armée luxembourgeoise
Registration Nr.:    V 00838 / 330005
Birthday:    09.02.1933, Wilwerdange
Father:    Nicolas KREMER
Mother:    Anna SCHMITZ
Service entry:    17.05.1950
Contingent:    2nd
Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
                  Soldat de 1re Classe (1951)
Death:    15.07.2012, Ettelbruck


Armand was drafted into the Luxembourg Army on 17 May 1950. Even before the official expiration of his military service, he volunteered for an additional period. Like many other volunteers for Korea, he was promised state employment on his return, but besides all professional and financial incentives, his natural traits of a born adventurer and a daredevil ultimately led him to  serve in the Far East as a medic and sniper. Moreover, Armand was second in command of his squad.

Upon his return, he wanted to join the Luxembourg Gendarmerie, but he failed the exam. After being discharged from the Army in September 1953, Armand stayed on the track of helping people and became a paramedic, before taking a job as a nurse at the Ettelbruck hospital.

"Wir durften unseren Stand aber nicht verlassen, weil eine feindliche Attaque gemeldet war. Ich als Sanitär hatte somit volle Beschäftigung denn wir hatten bereits 3 Verwundete, es dauerte aber nicht mehr lange, da fingen unsere Waffen auch an zu schiessen, und es kam sogar Fliegerunterstützung."

Excerpt from "Ein böser Tag in Korea" by Armand Kremer. © MNHM