HUBERTY, Jean-Pierre

Portrait of Jean-Pierre Huberty, taken from his military file. © Armée luxembourgeoise
Registration Nr.:    V 00616 / S 0308
Birthday:    01.06.1927, Rodange
Father:    Adolphe HUBERTY
Mother:    Germaine CORNET
Service entry:    11.03.1946
Contingent:    1st
Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
                  Soldat de 1re Classe (1948)
                  Caporal (1949)
                  Premier Sergent (1953)
                  Sergent-Chef (1968)
                  Adjudant tit. (1978)
Death:    17.10.1996


In 1946, unsatisfied with the future prospects in his civil career, Jean-Pierre reported to the army. Reenlisting on two additional occasions, in 1947 and 1949, and reaching the rank of Caporal, he joined the first contingent mobilised for the Korean War in September 1950. On his return, he stayed in the Army and became a cook.

In January 1953, Jean-Pierre attempted to reenlist once again to serve in Korea, believing  the Luxembourgish government would send a third contingent, which never occurred. Nonetheless, he pursued his career in the army until the dissolution of the Volunteer Army in 1967. Jean was then detached to the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) in Capellen. In 1971, he transferred to the prison administration and finally to the Gendarmerie. After his retirement in 1982, he worked as a cook in Ostend and later as a farmhand in Contern. He died in a traffic accident in Mondorf in 1996.

"Après deux années d’emploi (1944-1946), j’ai reconnu l’impossibilité d’avancements. Ensuite je me suis engagé comme volontaire dans l’Armée Luxembourgeoise.”

Jean-Pierre Huberty in his resumé, 27 September 1949. © Armée luxembourgeoise