Portrait de CONRARDY
Registration Nr.:    02975
Birthday:    31.12.1927, Neudorf
Father:    Michel CONRARDY
Mother:    Marguerite LEBRUN
Service entry:    31.05.1946
Contingent:    1st
Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
Death:    01.10.2002


After briefly working for the CFL at the age of 16, Emile was conscripted into the Army in May 1946. He was first sent to the Centre d’Instruction in Walferdange, later to join the Ist Battalion.

In 1950, Emile reenlisted and served as a radio operator for the commanding officers of the first contingent in Korea, Lieutenant Tun Wagener and Sergent-Chef Gauthier Steffen. According to an interview in 1990 he drew his motivation to volunteer for the mission from his thirst for adventure and the opportunity to boost his career in the Army. On his return from Korea, however, Emile did not extend his army commitment. He married Siska Feidt in 1955 and their son Alphonse was born the following year. In 1974, Emile got married for the second time with Marie-Louise Platz, whom he has another four children with: Michel, Pierre, Martine and Joëlle. 

Emile was a lifelong member of the Association des Anciens Combattants


"[...] Fulfilled his duty as a radio operator to my complete satisfaction. Will make an excellent reserve NCO."

Lieutenant Tun Wagener about Emile Conrardy. © Wagener/MNHM

"Ech hu geduecht: Do gees de mat, éischtens gesäis de ee Stéck Welt an zweetens hues de eng gutt Geleeënheet fir eventuell erëm bei d’Arméi ze kommen."

Emile stating his reasons for going to Korea, Hei Elei 16 December 1990.