Registration Nr.:    320382 / V 00928
Birthday:    29.07.1932, Esch/Alzette
Father:    Jean CIMOLINO
Mother:    Suzanne HOLZEM
Service entry:    28.05.1951
Contingent:    2nd
Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
                  Soldat de 1re Classe (1952)
                  Caporal (1953)
                  Sergent de Réserve (1957)
Death:    22.12.1998


After his enlistment in the Army in 1951, Jean volunteered to be part of the second contingent in the Korean War. He served as a rifleman with the rank of Soldat de 1re Classe.

Back in Luxembourg in February 1953, Jean remained in the Army. Nonetheless, he considered applying for a job with the Police in 1955. Still suffering from the consequences of a street accident leaving his left leg disabled, he had to accept a desk job at Customs (Douanes) in 1956. In March 1957, he was promoted Sergent de Réserve, the highest known rank in his military career. In the late 50s or early 60s, he broke the pools and resigned from his customs job. With the award money, he bought a restaurant in Esch-sur-Sûre and rented the Café du Pont, a bar-inn near Wiltz. During the traditional commemoration tour of the Association des Anciens Combattants, taking them first to the martyr memorial in Wiltz, the veterans usually visited their brother in arms and had a drink in his café.

"Am 4. Februar 1952 trat ich dem 2. Kontingent für Korea bei. Nach kurzer Ausbildung in Namur in Belgien verliessen wir unsere Heimat am 14. März mit dem Flugzeug Richtung Korea."

Excerpt from Jean’s resumé, 13 February 1953. © Cimolino