Raymond on the Korean frontline
Registration Nr.:    310903 / S 0340
Birthday:    25.09.1931, Schifflange
Father:    Jacques BERINGER
Mother:    Marie WALDBILLIG
Service entry:    20.11.1950
Contingent:    2nd
Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
                  Soldat de la 1ière Classe (1951)
                  Caporal (1953)
                  Sergent (1956)
                  Sergent-Chef (1963)
                  Adjudant (1972)
                  Adjudant-Chef (1978)
                  Adjudant-Major (1980)
Death:    10.10.2005


Raymond was drafted in November 1950 and immediately reenlisted as a volunteer after his six months of compulsory service. His decision to fight in Korea was motivated by many factors. Raymond was confidently pro-American, adventurous and eager to gain combat experience after his military training, not to mention that he was interested in the money paid to volunteers fighting in Korea. At first, his mother disagreed with his decision and denied him written parental permission. Finally, she let him go.

During the Korean War, he served with the second contingent. Raymond was the gunner of a .30 calibre machine gun in the machine gun squad. In Korea, Raymond was promoted to Soldat de 1re Classe, then to Caporal.

Following the departure of the second contingent from Korea in January 1953, Raymond remained in the Belgian armed forces, together with Sergent Roger Feiereisen. On 7 and 8 April 1953, Chinese troops launched an attack against Belgian and Greek positions near Chatkol. Raymond decided, without concern for his own life, to place his machine gun on the roof of his bunker and repel the attack. He thus prevented the capture of Belgian and Greek soldiers by Chinese troops. Forty-nine years later, in 2001, Raymond was awarded the Bronze Star for his bravery at Chatkol. In 1954, Raymond’s request to extend his military service in Korea for another year was denied. Therefore, he had to return to Luxembourg on 26 February 1954.

Raymond continued his military career in the Luxembourg Army until the age of 55 and finished his active service in September 1986 with the rank of an Adjutant-Major. Until June 1987, Raymond continued to take care of the military archives. After his official retirement, he became involved in Korean War remembrance work. He was one of the initiators of a petition for a commemorative plaque to be placed at the Gëlle Fra monument in honour of the 85 Luxembourgish veterans of the Korean War.

Raymond died on 10 October 2005 at the age of 74. His ashes were scattered on 14 October at the Ettelbruck cemetery. He was married to Triny Mohnen and had two daughters.

"Volontaires pour toutes les patrouilles, courageux et calme en action. Excellent tireur Mi. 30. A rempli temporairement les fonctions de chef de pièce, était tireur Mi. 30 pendant 12 mois. A toujours donné satisfaction."

Lieutenant de Réserve Lutty about Raymond Beringer, 13 February 1953.

"À Chatkol (Corée) au cours des violents et victorieux combats en mars-avril 1953 à un ennemi agressif et fanatique. Chef de pièce de mitrailleuse, extraordinaire par son courage et son sang-froid, lors de l’attaque chinoise dans la nuit du 07 au 08 avril, sous un violent bombardement à la place de sa propre initiative sa mitrailleuse a découvert sur le toit de son abri pour mieux remplir sa mission, faisant ainsi preuve d’un total mépris du danger."

Lieutenant-Colonel Gathy (Belgium) about Raymond Beringer.

"Sergeant Raymond Beringer saved the lives of numerous soldiers during a Chinese attack at Chatkol on April 7 and 8, 1953. Confronted with a heavy bombardment and a potential encirclement of the Belgian and Greek units, Beringer decided on his own – and at grave peril of himself – to move his machine gun to the roof of his bunker. With no regard for his own life, he furiously fired back at the enemy, blunting and ultimately repelling an attack that could have resulted in the capture – or worse of two battalions."

US-Representative Michael G. Oxley from the Republican Party about Raymond Beringer, July 2001

"Een éischte Motive, déi Zäit war zu Lëtzebuerg eng immens pro-amerikanesch Stëmmung, een zweete war Aventure, een drëtte war ech hu meng Militärzäit gemaach, ech wollt meng eege Grenze kenne léieren an ee véierte war mir krute sou vill versprach, datt jidderee gemengt huet, hie géif Direkter vun der ARBED ginn wann en erëm kéim."

Raymond stating his reasons for volunteering in the Korean War, Hei Elei 16 December 1990.