KREMER, Nicolas

Portrail of Nicolas Kremer, taken from his personal military file. © Armée luxembourgeoise
Registration Nr.:    05569
Birthday:    21.12.1929, Luxembourg City
Father:    Dominique KREMER
Mother:    Hélène MÜLLER
Service entry:    30.03.1948
Contingent:    2nd
Ranks:    Soldat de 2e Classe
                  Soldat de 1re Classe (1954)
Death:    24.11.2021, Durham, Ontario (Ca)


In March 1948, Nicolas was drafted into the Army and assigned to the IInd Battalion for six months. In February 1952, he reenlisted to join the second contingent in Korea. Ranked Soldat de 2e Classe, Nicolas served as a company cook and supplier. At the end of his term, he extended his service and remained with the UN forces for another 12 months. When Nicolas remembered his war experience in Korea,  he always loved to point out the camaraderie between his brothers in arms and himself.

Nicolas returned to Luxembourg in February 1954 and left the Army the following month. In April 1954, he moved to Montreal, Canada, where he met his future wife Kate. After the wedding, in October 1957, they moved to Toronto and later to Durham in the Canadian province of Ontario. As a butcher he provided for his wife and his two children.